Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Passion Planner

I ordered my passion planner last week and I cannot wait to get it! Until then, I have been using the awesome PDF version that is so generously available online. As you can see, I made a passion planner booklet out of the PDF. I like it so much I thought I should share it. It's actually really easy to do.

Step 1: Printing 

In printer options, select booklet. 

I changed the page range because my planner is supposed to come in the end of February so  I just wanted the months of January, February, and March. Figure out what pages you want. 


After you print out your sheets, you might see that some of the pages have weird formatting issues. In the picture bellow, you can see that the Tuesday section got cut off. 

This happened on a couple of sheets for me, and the exact sheets varied if I changed the printing range. I tried on two different printers and the same thing happened. 

But don't worry, I found a solution!!!!!

Which brings me to:

Step 2: Correcting

This is much easier if you first fold all the sheets into a booklet and number all the pages in the correct order.

Figure out which sheets have a page with a mistake. 

Here, the mistake is on page 16. 

If you look at the sheet, page 42 is on the other half. On the back is page 43 and page 15. You are going to want to write down the page numbers of every page on that sheet (one both sides). For this sheet it will look like this: 

Now you are going to print the sheets you need. 

For the range, but in the page numbers like I wrote it out above.

Now I tried printing multiple pages on a sheet through the PDF printing settings, but I got the same formatting issues. 

You are going to leave all the settings as if you are printing a regular sheet of paper. 

You need to change things through the printer properties. 

Press properties, and then select 2 pages per sheet. 

Then select print on short edge.

Press OK. 

After you press OK, the print window will still look like you are printing one page per sheet. THIS IS OKAY. When it actually prints, you will get the format you want. 

Replace all the pages with mistakes with your new pages. 

Now you're ready for...

Step 3: Putting it together. 

Lay the booklet flat and, on the fold, make a mark every half an inch.

Make a hole on each mark big enough for a needle and embroidery thread. I personally used an exacto knife to make the hole and old tweezers to make them a bit bigger. I also split the pile in two so it would be easier to poke the holes. 

Place the needle through the first hole as shown bellow.

Once it is through, tape down the thread.

Thread the needle and thread through all the way down to the end.

Seal the other side with some tape. 


Now have a ton of fun with your own little passion planner! 

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